Whether you are deploying sensors in unpredictable environments, seeking to conserve energy with your current data collection system, or both, our shape analytics and signal processing capabilities can help. Our team can help with a data collection strategy to maximize robust data coverage even in the event of device failures, and minimize energy usage with efficient data storage and transmission and intelligent device to device communication.

Case study


Marine wildlife and environmental health monitoring poses significant challenges in data coverage. Drifting sensors need to utilize minimal power while collections of these sensors need to capture adequate information.

Our approach

We leverage topological approaches to assess the “health” or data coverage of collections of sensors, mitigate lack of coverage by highlighting locations requiring more sensors and triggering nearby sensors to increase sensing frequency, and signal sensors in dense regions conserve energy.


Key Outcomes

  • Collaborated with monitoring teams to design optimal sensor deployments.
  • Worked with sensor manufacturers to optimize sensor data collection and communication.
  • Helped achieve significant power savings while preserving the integrity of the data and downstream AI.