Our experience with UAV analytics, environmental sensors, and ‘omics data allow us to provide a comprehensive analytics solution for your agricultural research or crop management program. We leverage signal processing, shape analytics, data fusion, and artificial intelligence to detect pest presence, monitor environmental conditions for efficient resource utilization, or take a deeper look beneath the soil or cell wall.

Case study


Measuring the properties and dynamics of plant root systems is critical to understanding how those plants interact in their biome and are affected by environmental perturbation. Minirhizotrons are underground transparent tubes that enable nondestructive imaging of root systems; however, the collection and analysis of these images is labor-intensive and expertise-dependent.

Our approach

Torus is coupling state-of-the-art image processing algorithms with shape analytics to identify root systems in diverse collections of images and quantify root phenotypes. Our methods enable automatic processing and quantification of large image sets.


Key Outcomes

  • Generalizability to diverse environments
  • Minimal user intervention
  • Reliable results