See Your Data Take Shape

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what we do

We develop and deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, leveraging shape analytics approaches to enhance state-of-the-art methodologies.

Using these approaches, we help you make the most of the data you have, identify the data you want, and get the answers you need.



Data Fusion

Our approaches provide a common language to leverage data from video, audio, motion, temperature, and other sources to improve AI models over any single modality.


Machine Learning

We help you make the most of your data while minimizing uncertainty in your analytics pipelines. Our explainable, verifiable AI approaches remove the black box and reduce uncertainty of results in novel scenarios.


Signal Processing

From information-conscious data compression methods to meaningful feature extraction for optimal machine learning, our signal processing approaches provide end-to-end analytics solutions for time series data.


Shape Analytics

We specialize in extracting geometric descriptors from data. Parsimonious shape descriptors enable real-world impact of machine-learning methods on high-dimensional and noisy datasets.

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